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Rob a Jewelry Store
+10 XP
The employees offer little resistance. Take everything you see, and flee the scene once you finish looting.
Total Cost of Requirements: $25,750

Start a Sports Booking Business
+10 XP
As you gain more respect, you gain more customers. Easy money.
Total Cost of Requirements: $20,000

Break a Friend out of Prison
+8 XP
After the carnage takes place, hijack the transport vehicle and get your friend out safely. The driver begs for mercy, but he has seen too much...
Total Cost of Requirements: $60,000

Rob Electronics Store
+9 XP
Load up your new toys into your car while the owner is still distracted, and simply drive away.
Total Cost of Requirements: $17,000

Mark Your Territory
+12 XP
Rough him up till he is barely able to walk. Let him know he won't get away with only cuts and bruises the next time he walks near your area.
Total Cost of Requirements: $20,000

Move Stolen Goods
+12 XP
Ok, you managed to make it out without leaving anything behind. The cops are still out for you, so you better keep a low down until you're safe.
Total Cost of Requirements: $241,500

Destroy Enemy's Hideout
+15 XP
Shoot down as many enemies as possible from a safe distance. Then escape before they get a chance to catch up to you.
Total Cost of Requirements: $96,000

The Negotiations
+14 XP
After many months, your attempts to negotiate a meeting are over. Time for action.
Total Cost of Requirements: $120,000

No More Talk
+16 XP
Proceed to the next area to seek out Victor.
Total Cost of Requirements: $20,250

Drinking Contest
+75-85 XP
Unlock exclusive items and new lieutenants by collecting after you complete a series of jobs. Your progress will be reset when you collect. This job can be repeated infinitely.