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Train Tracks

Escort Duty
+10-11 XP
This is the boss's daughter... you shouldn't be looking at her like that.
Total Cost of Requirements: $20,000

+10-11 XP
Now that you're more experienced, you can jack some higher-end cars without attracting police attention. That means more money for your hard work.
Total Cost of Requirements: $3,750

The Shakedown
+7-9 XP
Some high rollers are meeting up for a high-stakes game tonight. Winner takes all.
Total Cost of Requirements: $7,500

Delivery Hijack
+11 XP
Set up a roadblock w/ some of your stolen vehicles to choke traffic. Now that the trucks can't get away, make your move. The getaway vehicle is on the other side of the road.
Total Cost of Requirements: $28,000

Bank Robbery
+14-16 XP
Helicopter pilots' eyes are no match for green-light DPSS lasers and a .50 cal rifle to back it up. Without the chopper to chase you, your escape is guaranteed.
Total Cost of Requirements: $25,000

+14 XP
Don't forget to call for backup when fighting Duke. Use the Call Back Up feature to get help from your allies.
Total Cost of Requirements: $17,750

Fast And Furious
+50-56 XP
Late night races with sports cars! Collect the rewards from winning races.