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August 28, 2013
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 Craz3d Empire

Data as of 08/27/13 20:31

Originally Founded by Craz3d Immortal on 07/21/13

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Craz3d Empire Members

Player NameLevelPvP RankRespectClassScan Time
@KillaWolf@14810 - CaptainThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Abdul Wasigh13713 - UnderbossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Analbeads796 - EnforcerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Bennyboy1138 - AssassinThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
BRIDGE TECH™895 - SoldierStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Cassie Blake1625 - SoldierThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Chel20211 - ConsigliereThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Ck Leo729 - LieutenantDragon SyndicateSniper08/27/13 20:57
Cookie13710 - CaptainThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Country977 - HitmanStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Dovahkiin508 - AssassinThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Grandpa   Officer12016 - KingpinThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Immortal   Leader19816 - KingpinThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d lolu10212 - Street BossStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Mr_Martinez8412 - Street BossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Prodigy   Officer6610 - CaptainThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Spud517 - HitmanThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Stryker   Officer19212 - Street BossThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d Technique869 - LieutenantStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Craz3d UberGeek6013 - UnderbossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
DanDan Mafia Lord7810 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Dave18310 - CaptainThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Dj-maelito1274 - BrawlerStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Dominic2437 - HitmanThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
FiveOh1724 - BrawlerThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Jakie chan986 - EnforcerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Jason the Intuitive   Officer18715 - Head BossThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Johnnie8212 - Street BossThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Joker   Officer14816 - KingpinDragon SyndicateAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Kasu   Officer21614 - BossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Kian927 - HitmanStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
KRON9211 - ConsigliereStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Leo26516 - KingpinStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Liam397 - HitmanThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Madam Donna10013 - UnderbossStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
MadMoneym420816 - KingpinStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Matthew15319 - MogulThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Mikey8111 - ConsigliereThe MafiaHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Mr.RipOff737 - HitmanThe MafiaHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Oceanrain18210 - CaptainStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Paul16710 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
PEYTON   Officer19619 - MogulDragon SyndicateHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Phattie20013 - UnderbossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Rat16912 - Street BossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Raven989 - LieutenantDragon SyndicateAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Reacher50018 - TycoonThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Rich1068 - AssassinThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Roederer606 - EnforcerThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Skylux9714 - BossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Syzxyxxix12212 - Street BossDragon SyndicateEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Terry1498 - AssassinThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Terumin20910 - CaptainThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Untamable Wolf   Officer14813 - UnderbossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Zed466 - EnforcerThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57

Class Breakdown

Class# of Members% of Members

Respect Breakdown

Respect# of Members% of Members
The Mafia916.7%
Dragon Syndicate59.3%
The Cartel2953.7%

PvP Rank Breakdown

PvP Rank# of Members% of Members
4 - Brawler23.7%
5 - Soldier23.7%
6 - Enforcer47.4%
7 - Hitman611.1%
8 - Assassin47.4%
9 - Lieutenant35.6%
10 - Captain814.8%
11 - Consigliere35.6%
12 - Street Boss611.1%
13 - Underboss59.3%
14 - Boss23.7%
15 - Head Boss11.9%
16 - Kingpin59.3%
18 - Tycoon11.9%
19 - Mogul23.7%
On Jul 21st, 2013 Don em left to join Masterpeace and stayed there.
On Jul 21st, 2013 Master left to join Masterpeace, and then became a free agent.
On Jul 22nd, 2013 William left to join The Revenge and ended up in DEADSHOT.
On Jul 22nd, 2013 Chrys left to join ADDICT3D GAM3RS and ended up in Apex predators.
On Jul 22nd, 2013 Queen Mar left to join OrdoAbChao and stayed there.
On Jul 22nd, 2013  DSL left to join OrdoAbChao and stayed there.
On Jul 22nd, 2013 Bjork left to join OrdoAbChao and stayed there.
On Jul 23rd, 2013 cholo left to join SVAGEMOB CARTEL and ended up in The Division.
On Jul 23rd, 2013 John Doe left to join Angels of War and ended up in Euro briggade.
On Jul 23rd, 2013 K-Dog left to join Order of Balaam and ended up in "**F-BOMB'S**".
On Jul 23rd, 2013 Assassin5X left to join Tier 1 Wolfpack and ended up in Insurrection.
On Jul 24th, 2013 Alex left to join The Revenge and stayed there.
On Jul 24th, 2013 Lenadros left to join The Revenge and stayed there.
On Jul 24th, 2013 YungRatchet12 left to join VOO-DOO 2 and stayed there.
On Jul 24th, 2013 Racicot left to join EmpireShadows2 and ended up in DeathDealer inc.
On Jul 26th, 2013 Pelle left to join ARCHANGE|S and stayed there.
On Jul 31st, 2013 xKruntz left to join Red Ketchup, and then became a free agent.
On Jul 31st, 2013 Michael left to join El Jefe locos and stayed there.
On Jul 31st, 2013 Will became a free agent.
On Jul 31st, 2013 MikeMadH4L became a free agent.
On Jul 31st, 2013 Jimmy became a free agent.
On Jul 31st, 2013 Kayla became a free agent.
On Jul 31st, 2013 Dusty became a free agent.
On Jul 31st, 2013 Erick became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Chris left to join El Jefe locos and ended up in ~{GunSlingers}~.
On Aug 11th, 2013 Robbadob became a free agent.
On Aug 11th, 2013 Ryan left to join Crooks and stayed there.
On Aug 12th, 2013 TO BE ENVIED left to join Public Enemies and ended up in Dismemberers.
On Aug 19th, 2013 David became a free agent.
On Aug 19th, 2013 Lauren became a free agent.
On Aug 19th, 2013 W9deaner became a free agent.
On Aug 20th, 2013 Pelle2 became a free agent.
On Aug 21st, 2013 Andre stead you mad left to join SOUTHERN CROSS and stayed there.
On Aug 21st, 2013 ZomB left to join GodzOfWar and stayed there.
On Aug 21st, 2013 Ric Hape became a free agent.
On Aug 21st, 2013 ع۷įℒʂįƊع became a free agent.
On Aug 22nd, 2013 ☠ℳᎯᎩℋℨℳ☠ left to join Crooks and stayed there.
On Aug 22nd, 2013 m̸̧͡i̵͘͠t̢̢C͏ left to join Ethereal Lords2 and stayed there.
On Aug 23rd, 2013 Järvol left to join Team uk and stayed there.
On Aug 26th, 2013 nаuͩgͥӈͬтͭӏͮӏ✩⃝ԁашg became a free agent.