September 23, 2013
Playing around with some new data, can find it here.
I may put some more work into it to tie the old data with the new.
If you are using Chrome on a computer, I might suggest this extension to view Emoji's.

August 28, 2013
With the release of 1.51 of UE and the introduction of SSL and other things,
I can't say when and if this site will ever be updated again. GG PA.

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Data as of 08/27/13 20:57

Player NameLevelPvP RankEmpireRespectClassScan Time
Lundgren91 - LackeySwedish Empire ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/14/13 20:55
Lundgren11 2 - Goon Midgard Report The CartelEnforcer08/15/13 21:51
Lundgren   Leader24 3 - Thug Swedish Outlaws Report The CartelEnforcer08/21/13 20:57
Lundgren   Leader27 3 - ThugSwedish Outlaws ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/22/13 21:15
Lundgren   Leader29 3 - ThugSwedish Outlaws ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/23/13 20:40
Lundgren   Leader31 3 - ThugSwedish Outlaws ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/24/13 21:02
Lundgren   Leader32 3 - ThugSwedish Outlaws ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/25/13 22:40
Lundgren   Leader33 4 - Brawler Swedish Outlaws ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/26/13 22:25
Lundgren   Leader36 4 - BrawlerSwedish Outlaws ReportThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57

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Level Report - Levels Gained: 27, 2.08 levels per day on average over 13.0 days.
PvP Report - Ranks Gained: 3, 0.23 ranks per day on average over 13.0 days.
Changed empires 2 times over the last 13.0 days.