September 23, 2013
Playing around with some new data, can find it here.
I may put some more work into it to tie the old data with the new.
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August 28, 2013
With the release of 1.51 of UE and the introduction of SSL and other things,
I can't say when and if this site will ever be updated again. GG PA.

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Data as of 08/27/13 20:31

Originally Founded by Bzeclivdt on 07/31/13

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Vindice Members

Player NameLevelPvP RankRespectClassScan Time
Alias Delubyo869 - LieutenantThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Aries779 - LieutenantThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Ashton459 - LieutenantThe MafiaHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Biohazard1088 - AssassinThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Bzeclivdt   Leader11216 - KingpinThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Carlito1238 - AssassinThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Chris688 - AssassinThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Daniel Crow7213 - UnderbossDragon SyndicateSniper08/27/13 20:57
Danster656 - EnforcerThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Don Montana   Officer21710 - CaptainStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Ethan2206 - EnforcerDragon SyndicateSniper08/27/13 20:57
Ex980 - UnrankedThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Frank   Officer8111 - ConsigliereThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Frank7410 - CaptainThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Franke1014 - BrawlerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Fred708 - AssassinStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Fresh6110 - CaptainThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Graves   Officer1309 - LieutenantStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Hank1064 - BrawlerThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Hardy303948 - AssassinStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Im a freanken taco946 - EnforcerStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
IndestructiBULL6111 - ConsigliereDragon SyndicateEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Jabob587 - HitmanThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Joe844 - BrawlerThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
John546 - EnforcerThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
JohnnyB815 - SoldierThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Kokopelli839 - LieutenantThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Kurt10313 - UnderbossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Lariat1534 - BrawlerStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Lili1007 - HitmanThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
m4nk4n678 - AssassinThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
MISTER I9011 - ConsigliereThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Nos   Officer1527 - HitmanStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Notsure   Officer938 - AssassinDragon SyndicateAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Reese   Officer837 - HitmanThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Remei828 - AssassinStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Sean769 - LieutenantThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Shively937 - HitmanThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Skler955 - SoldierDragon SyndicateSniper08/27/13 20:57
Sky1587 - HitmanThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Smackdown447 - HitmanThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Steven818 - AssassinThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Talos15010 - CaptainStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Tirok678 - AssassinThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Veckenschtein   Officer10510 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Ville877 - HitmanStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Wayens644 - BrawlerThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Y4D0X786 - EnforcerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57

Class Breakdown

Class# of Members% of Members

Respect Breakdown

Respect# of Members% of Members
The Mafia816.7%
Dragon Syndicate510.4%
The Cartel2552.1%

PvP Rank Breakdown

PvP Rank# of Members% of Members
0 - Unranked12.1%
4 - Brawler510.4%
5 - Soldier24.2%
6 - Enforcer510.4%
7 - Hitman816.7%
8 - Assassin1020.8%
9 - Lieutenant612.5%
10 - Captain510.4%
11 - Consigliere36.3%
13 - Underboss24.2%
16 - Kingpin12.1%
On Aug 1st, 2013 Adam left to join Euro briggade and stayed there.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Alex became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Buttsy became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Hda left to join CRIMINALELEMENT and stayed there.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 ca_temp_first became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Erik left to join SouthWest Kingz and stayed there.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Vinny became a free agent.
On Aug 4th, 2013 Lubo became a free agent.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Jeroen became a free agent.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Price left to join Royal Chaos and stayed there.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Ac1d left to join EmpireShadows2 and stayed there.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Azura became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Brodster became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Sammy left to join Gods Rebellion and ended up in Sky kings.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Infectedkush became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 DarkAngel became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Johnny left to join DAIMONION and stayed there.
On Aug 8th, 2013 tyrow left to join Gods Rebellion, and then became a free agent.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Remy became a free agent.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Amillion became a free agent.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Skitzo became a free agent.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Prys left to join Empire AK47 and stayed there.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Rahee became a free agent.
On Aug 9th, 2013 ElJefedePirate became a free agent.
On Aug 10th, 2013 Nnutthowze became a free agent.
On Aug 10th, 2013 Digga became a free agent.
On Aug 10th, 2013 Pryce became a free agent.
On Aug 11th, 2013 Boss left to join Dark lords and stayed there.
On Aug 11th, 2013 Millzy left to join Irish luck and ended up in Black Hawk Clan.
On Aug 12th, 2013 Rowdy1 left to join The Last Family and stayed there.
On Aug 14th, 2013 Menice left to join John Syndicate and stayed there.
On Aug 15th, 2013 Hilikus became a free agent.
On Aug 17th, 2013 Fazzeh left to join Rooster Teeth and stayed there.
On Aug 25th, 2013 Greener became a free agent.
On Aug 26th, 2013 Sasha Rogue became a free agent.
On Aug 26th, 2013 Neo left to join Aussie Pride and stayed there.