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August 28, 2013
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 Euro briggade

Data as of 08/27/13 20:31

Originally Founded by HADES on 08/02/13

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Euro briggade Members

Player NameLevelPvP RankRespectClassScan Time
(Random)   Officer907 - HitmanDragon SyndicateHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Adam   Officer12912 - Street BossThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Anze728 - AssassinStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Belling611 - LackeyThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Blue698 - AssassinStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
BTheGreat514 - BrawlerThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Carro574 - BrawlerThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Christian Gutierrez877 - HitmanStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
D-Manic519 - LieutenantThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Dakshanyania102 - GoonThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Destroyer0047110 - CaptainStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Diana647 - HitmanStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
DIXIEMAFIA174 - BrawlerThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Ginge   Officer12210 - CaptainThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Grant897 - HitmanThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Habeeb15016 - KingpinThe MafiaHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Hans654 - BrawlerThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Heartbreaker10010 - CaptainThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Iwazz879 - LieutenantThe MafiaHeavy08/27/13 20:57
John7011 - ConsigliereStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
John Doe1104 - BrawlerStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Jonken214 - BrawlerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Joshua zenssky414 - BrawlerThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Kassar6910 - CaptainThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Killer727 - HitmanStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Kongen824 - BrawlerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Lynchy655 - SoldierThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Maka8510 - CaptainThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Maple935 - SoldierThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Marty9310 - CaptainThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
McBeth824 - BrawlerStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Mikey9111 - ConsigliereThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Nico5110 - CaptainDragon SyndicateHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Nikko687 - HitmanThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Psycho13110 - CaptainDragon SyndicateEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Rapid739 - LieutenantThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Riley676 - EnforcerThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Ruben727 - HitmanThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Russell507 - HitmanThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Slo517 - HitmanDragon SyndicateAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Stephen9910 - CaptainThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Stewie Hicks569 - LieutenantStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
taha 11311 - ConsigliereStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Tanya16211 - ConsigliereThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
The Headsman   Officer10613 - UnderbossThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Thom23615 - Head BossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Vili371 - LackeyStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Zahid8913 - UnderbossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
HADES    Leader10810 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
acequatro   Officer989 - LieutenantThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57

Class Breakdown

Class# of Members% of Members

Respect Breakdown

Respect# of Members% of Members
The Mafia918.0%
Dragon Syndicate48.0%
The Cartel2550.0%

PvP Rank Breakdown

PvP Rank# of Members% of Members
1 - Lackey24.0%
2 - Goon12.0%
4 - Brawler918.0%
5 - Soldier24.0%
6 - Enforcer12.0%
7 - Hitman918.0%
8 - Assassin24.0%
9 - Lieutenant510.0%
10 - Captain1020.0%
11 - Consigliere48.0%
12 - Street Boss12.0%
13 - Underboss24.0%
15 - Head Boss12.0%
16 - Kingpin12.0%
On Aug 4th, 2013 صالح became a free agent.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Micheal became a free agent.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Ismael became a free agent.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Herminator became a free agent.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Nurmiinen became a free agent.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Lacaria became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Omsi became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Lima left to join TopShottasInc. and stayed there.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Ataakan became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Boss Chi became a free agent.
On Aug 8th, 2013 Luukson left to join C.L. 13 and ended up in DEVILs DISCIPLE.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Killer left to lead The Street Sons and stayed there.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Jan-paul became a free agent.
On Aug 10th, 2013 Kakuta JR became a free agent.
On Aug 12th, 2013 T became a free agent.
On Aug 12th, 2013 V became a free agent.
On Aug 12th, 2013 Caithlyn became a free agent.
On Aug 12th, 2013 Luke left to join Empire AK47 and stayed there.
On Aug 12th, 2013 hunts left to join Empire Elite and ended up in SouthernComfort.
On Aug 12th, 2013 Mike became a free agent.
On Aug 13th, 2013 ╰⭐ᔕKYᗪᖇIᐯE left to join Deathless, and then became a free agent.
On Aug 14th, 2013 Santa Claus left to join CanadianKillers, and then became a free agent.
On Aug 14th, 2013 Snake eyes left to join RENNAGADE and stayed there.
On Aug 14th, 2013 Frank left to join RENNAGADE and stayed there.
On Aug 15th, 2013 St0n3r420 left to join Ruthless Swag and ended up in r33f3r$.
On Aug 16th, 2013 Seth left to join The Gang and ended up in $ Young Money $.
On Aug 18th, 2013 AIK became a free agent.
On Aug 18th, 2013 a became a free agent.
On Aug 18th, 2013 Code5 became a free agent.
On Aug 18th, 2013 Ekkof became a free agent.
On Aug 18th, 2013 Gi joe left to join BoneCrushersINC and stayed there.
On Aug 21st, 2013 Speck left to join The Division and ended up in ~AFK~.
On Aug 22nd, 2013 Buck left to join Redemption and stayed there.
On Aug 26th, 2013 Xriha became a free agent.
On Aug 26th, 2013 Yolo swag became a free agent.