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August 28, 2013
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 Eagle Claw

Data as of 08/27/13 20:31

Originally Founded by ɑցҽղԵ Ƙ on 07/27/13

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Eagle Claw Members

Player NameLevelPvP RankRespectClassScan Time
BawlzDeep13311 - ConsigliereThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Bear1387 - HitmanThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
BigDog10910 - CaptainThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Blaine14210 - CaptainThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Ceer1159 - LieutenantThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Cmk13611 - ConsigliereStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Dap8610 - CaptainThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
DarkKnight989 - LieutenantThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Erik11911 - ConsigliereStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Fopp93927 - HitmanThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Frankie V13213 - UnderbossStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Gary12910 - CaptainThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
George15610 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Ghump1526 - EnforcerThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Glen11310 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Harper766 - EnforcerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Haze13818 - TycoonThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Ice326 - EnforcerThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
J Murda T10710 - CaptainThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Jacob1098 - AssassinThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Jake1408 - AssassinThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Jan13611 - ConsigliereThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Jaye15012 - Street BossThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Jd13011 - ConsigliereThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Jiveturkey1084 - BrawlerThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Joe1015 - SoldierThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
KOOP1437 - HitmanDragon SyndicateSniper08/27/13 20:57
Lilcihan1294 - BrawlerStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Little chris1265 - SoldierThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
MasterOfAwesomeness1304 - BrawlerThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Melissa2534 - BrawlerThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Memphis829 - LieutenantThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Mo15514 - BossStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Monkey King20910 - CaptainThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Mr. Ferrell23513 - UnderbossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
MR. VALLEJO1199 - LieutenantThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Pretty12910 - CaptainThe MafiaHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Prism9713 - UnderbossStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
Quinn McAwesome16910 - CaptainThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Red954 - BrawlerThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
Roy819 - LieutenantStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
S4RJ3N1527 - HitmanStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Sasquash17710 - CaptainThe MafiaSniper08/27/13 20:57
Sk3tch00d929 - LieutenantStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Slayergd1694 - BrawlerDragon SyndicateAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Tha fucin boss1108 - AssassinStreetHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Thug Money6011 - ConsigliereStreetAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Turner10213 - UnderbossThe MafiaAssassin08/27/13 20:57
Tyler10710 - CaptainStreetSniper08/27/13 20:57
ZKilla859 - LieutenantThe CartelAssassin08/27/13 20:57
ɑցҽղԵ Ƙ   Leader15413 - UnderbossThe CartelHeavy08/27/13 20:57
Miss Candycane13812 - Street BossThe CartelSniper08/27/13 20:57
lolitsjoann69   Officer1748 - AssassinDragon SyndicateAssassin08/27/13 20:57

Class Breakdown

Class# of Members% of Members

Respect Breakdown

Respect# of Members% of Members
The Mafia815.1%
Dragon Syndicate35.7%
The Cartel3056.6%

PvP Rank Breakdown

PvP Rank# of Members% of Members
4 - Brawler611.3%
5 - Soldier23.8%
6 - Enforcer35.7%
7 - Hitman47.5%
8 - Assassin47.5%
9 - Lieutenant713.2%
10 - Captain1222.6%
11 - Consigliere611.3%
12 - Street Boss23.8%
13 - Underboss59.4%
14 - Boss11.9%
18 - Tycoon11.9%
On Jul 27th, 2013 Unique left to join Dismemberers, and then became a free agent.
On Jul 27th, 2013 Nick left to join Mayhem and stayed there.
On Jul 29th, 2013 Eric left to join Fatal Error, and then became a free agent.
On Jul 29th, 2013 Grey left to join Grim Castle, and then became a free agent.
On Jul 30th, 2013  Little bottle left to join Royal Chaos and ended up in BrutalTactician.
On Aug 1st, 2013 Conrad became a free agent.
On Aug 2nd, 2013 Slick left to join Trojan Tanks, and then became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Alexander left to join Team uk, and then became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Amelia Bennett became a free agent.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Ace Assassin (Synamic) left to join Yakuza and stayed there.
On Aug 3rd, 2013 Josh left to join Tier 1 Wolfpack and ended up in SilentDeath.
On Aug 4th, 2013 Hyperion became a free agent.
On Aug 4th, 2013 TheBro left to join Asatru Empire and ended up in Taco dialbo.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Bigguns left to join $ Young Money $ and stayed there.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Mark became a free agent.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Joe Montana left to join Rampant Brits and stayed there.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Tay Tay became a free agent.
On Aug 5th, 2013 Alex became a free agent.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Hagop left to join Femme Fatal and stayed there.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Jokerace left to join M3RC3N4R13S and ended up in ILUMINATI.
On Aug 6th, 2013 TokenMonster left to join G.I. JOE and ended up in Street kings.
On Aug 6th, 2013 Nino Brown left to join Black Lightning and ended up in Kings of Mayhem.
On Aug 7th, 2013 Red became a free agent.
On Aug 7th, 2013 Butcher left to join Empire Assasins and stayed there.
On Aug 9th, 2013 Squigs became a free agent.
On Aug 9th, 2013 J-LEW left to join Fisting Granny and stayed there.
On Aug 10th, 2013 Sluggo left to join Bauers empire and stayed there.
On Aug 11th, 2013 taha left to join EAGLE EMPIRE and ended up in Euro briggade.
On Aug 11th, 2013 Honorio left to join Luciano Family and ended up in Arctic Samurai.
On Aug 11th, 2013 Blessed became a free agent.
On Aug 12th, 2013 Gumbo47 left to lead Life Is Good! and stayed there.
On Aug 13th, 2013 Goldzack left to join Quebec rules and stayed there.
On Aug 14th, 2013 JeanieRedd left to join M@$$!VE @TTACK and stayed there.
On Aug 14th, 2013 Crackers left to join Aussie Pride and stayed there.
On Aug 14th, 2013 Marshallmonster left to join Altered Kingdom and stayed there.
On Aug 17th, 2013 Ghost became a free agent.
On Aug 17th, 2013 Nick left to join Gentlemen only and stayed there.
On Aug 17th, 2013 Julio became a free agent.
On Aug 18th, 2013 John left to join Outer Heaven and stayed there.
On Aug 18th, 2013 Code harer left to join Tha Juggernauts and ended up in Code killers.
On Aug 18th, 2013 SIR HECTOR left to join Street Sweeper and ended up in Spartan Empire.
On Aug 20th, 2013 Deadeye left to join Sons of Liberty and ended up in The University.
On Aug 20th, 2013 Amanda left to join Sons of Liberty, and then became a free agent.
On Aug 24th, 2013 Redd left to join FALL3N ANG3LZ and stayed there.
On Aug 26th, 2013 Tony Two-Gunz left to join Lawless and stayed there.