September 23, 2013
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August 28, 2013
With the release of 1.51 of UE and the introduction of SSL and other things,
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 Murphy Clan

Data as of 08/27/13 20:31

Originally Founded by Rob on 07/14/13

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Murphy Clan Members

Player NameLevelPvP RankRespectClassScan Time
Bdftjenh40 - UnrankedThe MafiaEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Raven113 - ThugStreetEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Rob   Leader17813 - UnderbossThe CartelEnforcer08/27/13 20:57
Stacey478 - AssassinDragon SyndicateEnforcer08/27/13 20:57

Class Breakdown

Class# of Members% of Members

Respect Breakdown

Respect# of Members% of Members
The Mafia125.0%
Dragon Syndicate125.0%
The Cartel125.0%

PvP Rank Breakdown

PvP Rank# of Members% of Members
0 - Unranked125.0%
3 - Thug125.0%
8 - Assassin125.0%
13 - Underboss125.0%